David A. Katz, Ph.D. (Founder, CEO, President)


David is a published expert in steroid-related pharmacology. At Abbott, he was the scientific/clinical leader of cross-functional teams for several experimental drugs that targeted the cortisol (natural steroid) pathway. David had diverse pharmaceutical industry roles at Abbott from 1995-2012, and its successor AbbVie in 2013, including extensive clinical development experience. Previously, he initiated Abbott’s pharmacogenetics program, built and led a clinical pharmacogenetics laboratory, provided personalized medicine strategic support for clinical trials teams across multiple therapeutic areas, and collaborated with commercial colleagues to map the potential of personalized medicine. David also led a joint research program with Myriad Genetics to discover new drug targets and lead compounds for major depression, and a research collaboration with Genset SA to find genetic risk factors for drug-induced liver injury.

Jeffrey F. Drajesk, M.S. (COO, Secretary)

Jeff is an experienced pharmaceutical executive.  At Abbott and AbbVie, he led clinical and compound development teams for new chemical entities spanning pre-clinical through marketed products, with particular focus on project management.  He contributed significantly to the development of the Project Management function, in terms of the development of tools and processes to create project plans, monitor and report on the progress of such plans, and the overall function of the project managers and the cross-functional teams they lead.  He recently helped to shape the newly-created Medical Affairs function through a dedicated Project Management team supporting product launches and life cycle management strategies across the portfolio.  In his last role as Senior Director of Project Planning and Operations, Jeff led a team of Project Managers and served on the management team for the Medical Affairs function. 

David and Jeff worked together to establish Abbott's pharmacogenetics program, and later as co-leaders of clinical development teams in a partnership similar to that they share at Sparrow.

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Independent Directors

  • Bruce Galton, former CEO Senesco Technologies, Annovis, Cistron Biotechnology

  • Dr. Gayle Kirkpatrick, former VP Business Development Abbott, AbbVie, Astellas

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